How to 

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Before you start

Make sure that your hands are clean, you have access to a free-standing mirror and have read the instructions.

FIRST. Pop the putty pods in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Please do not use the impression kit if you have bridgework or are undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment. We also advise against using the impression kit if you have any loose teeth, caps or crowns.

In your impression kit you’ll find:

  • Coloured and white impression putty

  • Impression trays

  • Instructions

Try each of the trays by inserting them into your mouth, and select the ONE tray that fits your mouth most comfortably. If you have purchased grillz for both your top and bottom teeth, you will need to choose an upper tray and a lower tray that fits best.

Ensure you have a stopwatch or timer handy 


Placing in your mouth

  1. Take one purple and one white putty out of their tubs

  2. Working hard and fast, vigorously mix them together until all white streaks have disappeared and it’s only one colour- but do not exceed 1 minute

  3. Roll into an egg shape if you're taking your upper impression, or a sausage shape if you're taking your lower impression and pack it in to the front of the tray

  4. Look in the mirror and open your mouth as wide as you can. Use the mirror to make sure that your teeth are aligned in the centre of the tray, and away from the side walls.

  5. Place both thumbs on the bottom of the tray and push upwards as deep as possible for your upper impression. If you're taking your lower impression, place first two fingers either side of the handle and push down firmly

  6. Try to get your lip over the top of the tray so we can capture your gumline.

  7. Leave in your mouth from 3 to 4 minutes, we recommend resting your elbows on a table to maintain a steady position.

Removing the tray

  1. After 3 minutes, tap the excess putty at the front of the tray – it should feel firm.

  2. Removing too soon could drag the impression or allow the putty to shrink back after being removed and risk the final product being short.

  3. Once firm, gently rock the impression side to side to loosen it, then pull the tray away from your teeth and out of your mouth

  4. Take photos of your impression and email them to us at; we will check your impression and confirm it has passed, or give some advice on how to get it right with your 2nd attempt.

Send it back to us

  1. ONLY once we have checked and confirmed your photos should you send your impression back to us 

  2. Place your impression in a plastic bag.

  3. Now place the bag in to the returns bag

  4. Follow the instructions here to return

Please confirm your tooth selection/s:

We’re here to help with advice & support, we can even offer video coaching to help walk you through the whole process.

After taking the impression/s, please send it back to us within 2 days to avoid distortions 

Thanks for choosing us!!!